Free Teen STEM Minority Mentorship

Use access code: R2Q9F-2BQJH

We stopped talking about the disparity of African-Americans, women and other minorities in technology and decided to do our part and give back and close that disparity gap. Our Minority Mentorship Meetup is a free bi-weekly meetup at the new Bitwise South Stadium building in downtown Fresno, Ca. Bitwise is the most leading edge technology and collaborative workspace in the Central Valley. Middle school and high school students come together under the mentorship of local entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and business owners to help the students flush out ideas they may have to bring their ideas to life. The students also learn the skills of starting, managing and running a business, communication, confidence, web technology, finance, life skills, have fun and more.

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Minority Mentorship Meetup

Use access code: R2Q9F-2BQJH

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Hands-on Mentorship for Minority Teens. One Amazing Location!

Bitwise South Stadium | Downstairs in Room 004

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