Amazing Enrichment

Watch our videos below to experience the enrichment programs we offer. Spoiler… you’re going to smile.

After school programs offer an opportunity for students to learn different topics that might not be available to them during the school day. We offer engaging enrichment programs for students of all ages, websites for your after school program, and lots of training for your staff. 

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Enrichment Programs

Quiq Labs offers a variety of enrichment programs for students of all ages. Enrichment programs include activities in robotics, coding, multimedia, and more.. 

Select any of the programs below that you'd like to introduce to your amazing students.

Expanded Learning Program Websites

Get your site up and running with an Expanded Learning Program website. We do all the work. We can build it out and training your staff to populate with content or we can do it all.

Staff Development / Training

We can train your staff to run the programs that we have created. Our programs have been tested and refined for many years. Our content is hands on and extremely engaging. We can get a program started and train your staff to execute the programs.